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Are you wondering if Peloton is good for over 50? What about over 60 or 65? Even Peloton over 40 is worth discussing. Well, let me share some tidbits with you.

For starters, the target audience for Peloton is people ages 35 to ages 65. Of that age range, 21 percent of users are ages 45 to 54. Another 11 percent are over age 55. With that adding up to more than one-third of all Peloton users, people in their 50s and 60s are definitely using their equipment and programs. 

We’re over 50 and love our Peloton

My husband and I are perfect examples of early Peloton adopters. We got our Peloton bike in 2016. It was around the time we both turned 51. We’re born in 1965 and Gen X.

One of the reasons I fell in love right away with the Peloton programming was this: I found instructors who seemed to be around my age. I could relate to their stories and their music choices.

True, neither Jenn Sherman nor Christine D’Ercole were over 50 when I first joined. However, they are now. Also, in 2021 yoga instructor Ross Rayburn recorded special yoga flows to celebrate his 50th birthday.

That’s a long way of saying that if you’re over 50 and considering Peloton, you’ll be in good company. And you don’t have to approach Peloton like an old person.

Sure, there are chair yoga classes for people with limited mobility. But I know plenty of people in their 60s and 70s who were spinning regularly at a gym. Now, they transitioned to spinning at home with their Peloton bikes or maybe running with their Peloton Treads.

Groups for Peloton users over 50

Facebook is a treasure trove of groups devoted to Peloton, including for people over 50. I belong to at least a dozen different groups. 

For example, I’m a member of Pelopause on Facebook. It’s a group of Peloton users who are in perimenopause, menopause or post-menopausal. But the chat isn’t all hot flashes. We share our favorite instructors, classes and more. 

Another group I’m in is Peloton Over 50 & Fabulous – #FabOver50 There are more than 8,000 of us in this group. 

This article talks about Peloton Facebook Groups overall.

Even Peloton over 40 is a thing

There seems to be affinity groups for every age on Peloton, especially us “older” users. For example, if you happen to be single and over 40, there’s a Peloton Facebook group for you. It’s called Peloton Singles Over 40, and right now it has nearly 3,000 members. 

In addition, maybe if you’re in your 40s, then you want to workout with Peloton instructors over 40. I get that. 

For example, I recently took a Kendall Toole ride, in which she was discussing being emo in high school. And she was talking to me (well, everyone on the ride), asking if we were emo, too. Um, no. Also, you’re just a few years older than my daughter.

However, when I ride or flow with Denis Morton, I know he’ll throw out some references I can relate to. I mean, I’m still older than Denis is but at least I’m closer in age to him than I am to Kendall.

Peloton instructors over 40

So, who are the Peloton instructors over 40? According to my research, as of 2022, here they are:

  • Robin Arzon (she’s 40 in 2022)
  • Susie Chan
  • Kristin McGee
  • Denis Morton
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  • Joslyn Thompson Rule
  • Sam Yo

Are there Peloton classes for older people

There are a few ways to answer this question. One, if you are over 50 older and new to exercise, then, yes, absolutely, you can find appropriate Peloton classes. I would recommend the beginner series for yoga and cycling.

In addition, yoga has two kinds of classes for true beginners. One, there is chair yoga. You may associate chair yoga with nursing homes, but trust me, it’s for everyone. My fiftysomething husband discovered chair yoga was the perfect way to keep a Peloton streak going when he was traveling. Because you can do chair yoga anywhere.

Two, the yoga classes have a category called yoga basics. It is a library of individual poses that you might be asked to do during a yoga class or yoga flow. They are five and 10 minutes long, and a great introduction to doing yoga on the Peloton app–or really anywhere.

Peloton classes for people over 50 who like older music

Another way for us GenXers and Baby Boomers to enjoy Peloton classes is to choose based on music. I’ve found that Hannah Corbin’s Vinyl Vault rides contain all the songs I used to listen to on vinyl, on my record player. Thus, the title Vinyl Vault. 

In addition, Jenn Sherman has a couple of series that might take you back to high school or college. They are the My Mixed Tape rides, Yacht Rock rides (you may even have the Yacht Rock channel on your Sirius XM radio) and Epic Sing a Longs.

Finally, look for music theme rides that reflect that kind of music you liked when you were younger. For example, I listened to alternative and punk music when I was in high school. So, I’m always down for a Christine D’Ercole New Wave ride.

In addition, Denis Morton has had themed rides with music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Also, plenty of the younger instructors have had ‘80s rides.

Finally, in 2022, Peloton had a Rock 22 challenge going on. It included all kinds of rock and roll music. Or, you can use the search feature on the bike, Tread, website or app for bands you like from your generation, and see what classes come up to take.

Final thoughts on Peloton over 50

I found other Peloton-related blogs writing about classes for older users. They make us over 50 Peloton devotees sound like we should be in a nursing home. 

In fact, when I asked my fellow GenX Peloton users if they thought Peloton chair yoga classes were good for people over 50 or 60, they quickly put me in my place. I found Peloton users in the 70s who were spinning with Alex Toussaint, strength training with Olivia Amato and doing yoga flows with Aditi Shah. (Note these instructors are all in their 20s and 30s.)

Bottom line: there’s something for everyone on Peloton, regardless of age.

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  1. I’ll be 82 in January. Had the Peloton bike since the beginning. I ride 5-6 times a week plus other classes. Check my stats. I’m pretty good.


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